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You are presumed to know the LAW – but the Internal Revenue Service (@IRSnews I.R.S.) IRS ʟIaRS and Uncle Sam (the DO NOTHING CONGRESS) are NOT in the business of educating the American PUBLIC (Citizens of the united States)

1. If you were hired by an employer, did they advise you whether filling out a Federal Employee Withholding Exemption Certificate was VOLUNTARY or REQUIRED❓

2. If you were told it was REQUIRED, did you ask what LAW required it❓

3. If you were told it was REQUIRED, but you knew that was NOT the case, and were told that they would not employ you unless you filled out a Federal Employee Withholding Exemption Certificate, did you fill it out as EXEMPT❓

I was hired by a Corporate Law Firm which claimed that their tax attorney (tax partner) said the IRS required that I fill out a Federal Employee Withholding Exemption Certificate, or the firm could not have me as an employee

Because I knew this was a false statement and their tax attorney (tax partner) obviously did NOT know the LAW, I filled out the Certificate as EXEMPT

However, this means the employer is providing FALSE information to the IRS

What do you do❓

(a) Sue the employer and likely be fired❓

(b) Advise the IRS that your employer required you to fraudulently fill out a Certificate❓

(c) Allow Social Security taxes to be withheld from your pay, and expect that at some point in the future the IRS will contact you about alleged taxes they think you owe, at which time you can challenge them using the Taxpayer Bill of Rights❓

I would suggest recording and documenting any conversation you have with an employer about withholding

The question is: What benefit(s) do businesses receive from the Federal government for NOT being upfront with you about a Federal Employee Withholding Certificate❓

I would suggest hiring a court reporter to document any meeting(s) with the IRS and / or recording any conversations, if you can afford it

I would suggest having a competent attorney who actually knows about the LAW and the IRS’s Statements of Organization and Functions published in the Federal Register and provided on the IRS ʟIaRS site, if you can afford it

I suggest lawyer Larry H. Becraft of Huntsville, Alabama

Do NOT trust the IRS

I went to a scheduled meeting; having to drive through melting ice and snow, with the IRS and they cancelled the meeting

I corresponded with them always using certified mail so there is documented proof of the IRS receiving the correspondence; which comes in handy if you end up going to court

The IRS lied in correspondence, that they had NOT received correspondence from me, although I had the U.S.P.S. certified mail receipt that proved their statement to be false

Do NOT trust that your U.S. Senators or representative will assist you

Do NOT expect an attorney to uphold your rights if you are NOT invested in upholding your rights

Do NOT assume that tax attorneys know the LAW

As Ronald Reagan said: “Trust, but verify”

If you correspond with the IRS by mail or in a meeting, ask them which TAXPAYER you are

Citizen of the united States residing or doing business abroad❓

Ask the IRS when they last published their Statement of Organization and Functions in the Federal Register, as required by the Administrative Procedure Act

This is the ONLY site that provides copies of the IRS Statement of Organization and Functions from 1956-1974

This is the ONLY site which makes it impossible for SO-CALLED judges, attorneys, prosecutors, U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, U.S. Congress, I.R.S., and private individuals, to get away with lying about the U.S. Federal Income Tax

If you saved or invested what you pay for Social Security, Medicaid, Obamacare, and whatever else taxes, instead of the Socialists forcing you to accept their scheme, do you think you could achieve a better return; because government does NOT think you are smart enough to think for yourself
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